The Witches’ Pyramid


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The Witches’ Pyramid

A Wiccan View of the Cabbala
By Robert Hardy

Trade Paperback

102 Pages

ISBN 978-0-9933910-3-3

Cover and book design by Agnieszka Hulewicz

There are many books published on Witchcraft and magic, explaining how to cast a circle, make a wand, call up the quarters etc. I hope this Witches’ Pyramid will broaden the reader’s horizons and take them deeper into the mysteries of the Western Tradition.
Witchcraft, the Tarot, and the Cabbala make strange bedfellows, but with a few subtle twists of the knobs, they can make very interesting ones. One of the things I find fascinating about the Tree of Life and its 22 connecting paths is the way you can place your own belief system and symbolism on them, thereby giving them a home. The beauty of doing this means that you can now cross reference your ideas with the Tree’s existing symbolism, both religious and magical. Using the Tree as a pigeon-holing system will highlight the nuggets of gold in the debris of your own ego-driven fantasies. Out of the 22 paths on the Tree of Life I have concentrated on just six, those that make up the lower triangle, plus the lower Sephiroth. The pathworkings and experiences with the Sephiroth given you in this book are mainly of my own invention, built on my earlier explorations when working with inspirational teachers and friends.To support the hermetic style of pathworkings (guided meditations),I have included exercises and magical practices to join the mental plane with that of the physical plane: “As Above, so Below”.
I sincerely hope that you will find this book helpful when you construct your own pathworkings. Do not judge me too harshly; remember these pathworkings have evolved over the past 40 years or so, and have retained some of my earliest thoughts and dreams, as well as the later stuff. A mixture of old and new thinking: “Dust and Diamonds”.

Robert Hardy

Rob Hardy is an erudite teacher of Wicca and Western magickal traditions. His decades of experience shine through in this book on Kabbalah, in which he provides as accessible introduction for those seeking to learn more about how Kabbalah can enhance their spiritual and magickal practice.
Vivianne Crowley, Ph.D., author of Wicca: A Comprehensive Guide to the Old Religion in the Modern World


I loved the vivid imagery, powerful romanticism, kindliness and earthy common sense of this book. To those fresh to the Tree of Life, this is an excellent introduction. Those familiar with it will see it through fresh eyes.
Professor Ronald Hutton, author of Triumph of the Moon and Witch
1. Introduction
2. As Above, So Below
3. The Path of the Serpent
4. Tarot Cards, Hebrew Letters, and the Cabbalistic Cross
5. Angels and Temples
6. Malkuth to Yesod – the 32nd Path
7. Yesod to Hod – the 30th Path
8. Hod to Netzach – the 27th Path
9. Yesod to Netzach – the 28th Path
10. Malkuth to Netzach – the 29th Path
11. The 31st Path – Malkuth to Hod

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