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Robert Hardy

Let me introduce myself. My name is Robert Hardy but my friends call me Rob. I live on a barge called Catch the Wind with my wife and High Priestess Janet. I was initiated into an Alexandrian coven in Bristol in 1971. This is where I started on my amazing magical journey, working and socializing with like minded people.
Cabbala and ritual magic in general was rigorously taught back in the day, and used as a platform to reinforce the exciting direction early Wicca was taking. 47 years have passed and I am still enchanted and bemused by the world of magic and witchcraft. The Witches’ Pyramid is based on a life time of experience, from dancing naked under the  moon, my feet wet from from the coming dawn, to the flicker of black candles and strong incense of a Saturn ritual held deep in the back streets of Bristol. These experiences, and many more like them, are woven into the fabric of The Witches’ Pyramid.
Myself and Jan have initiated many over the years, you know who you are, and I am humbled by the love and support they give back. The Witches’ Pyramid is as much part of their experience as mine.
The book explores the four sephiroth found at the lower end of the Tree of Life  and their six connecting paths. Sounds boring I know, but believe me it’s not, there you will find fairy land, the mysteries of the moon and the Akashic records, Angels, Gods and Goddesses and much more.
I am currently working on a second book which covers the middle part of the Tree. Furthermore in the future I hope to write a third book exploring the mysteries of the supernal triangle at the top of the Tree. Your spiritual journey should be an enjoyable one, so buy the book, take my hand, and together we will go on a splendid adventure.

Robert Hardy


I have known Rob Hardy since 1980. As an Alexandrian High Priest and my Initiator into the Craft of the Wise, he is also a long time friend. Training sessions with Rob were always interesting, particularly when he got onto the subject of Quabalah, which he is not only very knowledgeable about, but also extremely good at explaining to us lesser mortals.

Training sessions in those early days were fairly informal, and often took place over a pint at the local hostelry – as a result of which both myself and Jan, the lady who later became his wife, at one time had a large collection of beer-mats from our note-taking. As the coven grew, training became more organised, and we would have at least one session a week in his home. We covered many aspects of the Craft and occultism, but would often return to discussion of the Quabalah, which gently unfolded for us over the weeks, months and years.

Rob is also a talented artist. His paintings usually have a strong pagan theme, and his exhibitions are always worth a visit. They are usually held in the village hall at Frampton-on Severn, near where he lives. At one time he was involved with the Waterley Bottom Mummers Group in Dursley, and more recently has been known to perform with Petty Heglers Mummers. He and Jan both play musical instruments, and enjoy participating in folk music sessions.

All Rob’s initiates and friends have eagerly awaited this book, and we hope that it is just the first in the series! I’m so looking forward to seeing and reading the finished article.

Mhairi Strauss